Mr Kit's 4040

The History:

About 4 years ago, when I was living in Bristol, I was in the middle of a lot of serious music making. Contemplative and sensitive music. I found myself needing to make something else to keep my ears fresh and to work within a different set of parameters. I'd spent a lot of the decade making very experimental music, without regular structure or rhythm. I turned to dance music to let myself play in a world with more predefined structures and parameters.

After finding a few children's keyboards at a car boot sale in North Devon, I began to experiment using only those to make sounds. As I loosely threw whatever sounds I was drawn into, things began to take shape. Most sounds from '40 40' are played in by hand on a Casio SA-78. It has a wonderfully limited sonic world, but over the years I've grown to like how it sounds and have continued to use it in other upcoming albums. I've spent four years creating this in between other projects, often when I've needed some respite from experimental music.

The Concept:

This is part 1 of a choose-your-own-adventure-dance-mix. The second parts are almost there and will follow a different set of parameters. Part 2a is made almost entirely out of synthesised instruments that come with Logic Pro (the software I use to produce, mix and record my music). Part 2b is made almost entirely out of hardware synthesisers and samples. Each part will seamlessly flow from Part 1, giving you the chance to choose which route you take, a musical fork in the road.

Part 1 is a full journey into the sounds of the Casio SA-78.

It has been immense fun to play with this over the years. I've allowed myself, within a set tempo and key, to go wherever I feel like as and when I'm writing and experimenting. It's been my musical pillow when other works are being brought down from the ether.

I hope you enjoy the journey,

with Love,

Mr Kit X 

Dialogue Suspension is a 27 minute meditation on conversations with sound.

It is an improvisation on my Korg Minilogue, where I'm responding to very small movements in the synthesis engine. As it speaks and transforms, I reply in small changes through onboard effects and the manipulation of synthesis parameters.

In all my years of listening to drone and ambient music, I was always attracted to its ability to suspend my awareness in a sound experience that is constantly, gently shifting. My awareness of these transformations is only there if I remain focused, listening.
For lots of us, now is a time where more hugs are needed. A time where compassion, clarity and awareness are what's keeping me hopeful. In moments of overwhelm, I've found suspending myself in ambient music has a similar effect to meditation, to sit with your experience as an observer, as these transformations happen and swirl, the sounds hug your ears. I've found moments where I know myself as the observer of transformation, and not the content of the transformations themselves. Thoughts as drifting clouds, feelings as welcome guests. And you may drift off into the blue realm, of soft imaginations and R.E.M.

However you find this music, let the blessings find you.

Dialogue Suspension is a Bandcamp only release. Your support during these times is greatly appreciated.

If you aren't able to afford the release please do get in touch and we can chat about how best to get it to you, either through trade or exchange. I'd rather you experience the music than not, so let's connect!

A special thanks to Jethro Cooke for the beautiful artwork. 

released May 1, 2020

Performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Mr Kit.

Swarsangum Live

I'm working with an exceptional group of musicians. Together, we are called A Continual Movement Of Ecstasy.

First release from the new record (coming 2020) showcases the instrument I bring to the collective, a hybrid of two Indian instruments; swarmandal and tanpura. Traditionally, the swarsangum is used as an accopaniment to vocalists. I play it in a more contemporary style.


Two gentle and serene improvisations evoke the stringed elegance and grace of the harp, sitar and koto. I hope it may lead you to fall in love with your most restful self.

Leaps (2019 Remastered Edition)

An E.P made almost entirely from old Classical tape loops and vinyl samples. This goes back to 2013. Ambient moments, dense night blue textures. One for the evening I'd say.

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