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Selected Film Works

As of 2024 Kit Wilmans Fegradoe has scored 9 short films. His body of work thus far highlights lesser known narratives and unexplored territories on film. From Nigerian philosophy to ancient doors, migrant stories and queer activism, his work continues to express and explore creative vitality that arises from uplifted voices from various corners of the world. To see more films please head to the Video section of this site.

Password: queen

The Queen Vs. Texas

Password: queen

The Queen Vs. Texas was selected by DOCNYC for its worldwide premiere and has been selected for SXSW 2024.


In the face of Texas's oppressive stance on LGBTQIA+ communities, a resolute queer activist and drag queen leads a movement to empower her community through the art of self-expression and the fight for social justice. Directed by Emil Lozada & Raemonn James.

The score blends electronic music, orchestral elements and trumpet.

Ghawdex (Excerpt)

Skip to 4:47 for main music theme

A documentary about the island of Gozo in Malta.

Shot over the course of 10 days on a micro-budget and 4 person crew, the film connects Gozitans with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants through topics that unite us all; water, celebration and home. The film follows ten characters, highlighting and uplifting their unheard voices into a chorus of solidarity - arguing for a shared future which transcends cultural difference or origin. Directed by Joel Chima & Raina Monteith

Ghawdex is currently in post-production. The score blends piano, vocals, trumpet and orchestral elements to powerful and hair-raising effect.


Di's Story - World Vision Vietnam

In Viet Nam, child marriage continues to be a persistent issue. One-in-10 Vietnamese women aged 20-24 years in 2014 was found to be married or in union before their 18th birthday. Di's story was made to highlight her story of success. The film's release prompted an invitation for Di to be flown to Singapore to speak at a WVV conference. It's become one of WVV proudest works.


Created by T.A.M Productions.

The score blends vocals, synthesisers, harp and percussive elements to create a theatrical and child-like theme while we follow Di.

For further work including installations, art film and NGO work see the Timeline section of the site.

Selected Music Works

Mr Kit is a borderless musician, who composes and plays in all areas of the music world, from improvisation to pop.


His explorative and ever evolving back catalogue includes releases on Important Records (Issa), A Strangely Isolated Place (Trẻ em) and Palaver Press (Falling Into Place).

He's had the pleasure of bringing improvisation and experimentation as a solo artist supporting Laraaji, Islam Chipsy, Janek Schaefer and Jeremy Young at Cafe Oto, Arnolfini & The Cube, and as part of the duo DJxKWF to audiences in various underground music spaces across the U.K.

In 2022 Mr Kit was invited by writer and climate activist Rob Hopkins to collaborate on Field Recordings From The Future. A sonic journey into a future of climate resilience. The project is connected to Rob Hopkins's latest book out 2024 via Chelsea Green Publishing and is being turned into a graphic novel featuring Mr Kit and Rob Hopkins as characters collecting field recordings from the future.

Mr Kit self-released his latest album Temporary Utopias which features 10 years of field recordings set to a mutli-genre musical odyssey. The album expresses his inclusive, universal approach to music writing that is genre-bending and concerned with compassionate cross-cultural musical celebration.

Here are 12 selected pieces from various releases showcasing the full spectrum of Mr Kit's musical world.

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