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Temporary Utopias Out Now!

Over 10 years worth of field recordings and 4 years in the making, Mr Kit has built a sonic landscape rich in evocative sounds and music. From jazz fusion flavours and new age synth explorations, to Yoruban bata drums and swarsangum solos, the album doesn’t shy away from surprising its audience throughout the gorgeously detailed 55-minute journey.

Bubblegum (2021)

A shiny collection of pop songs with an 80's kick. For that quick hit of joy.

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Swarsangum Collected (2021)

A volume of Swarsangum improvisations. Full of minimalist moments, serene contemplation and restful playing.

I don't think that i ever, in fact, returned home (2021)

An audio documentary by artist Joel Chima, scored by Mr Kit.

An honest and heartbreaking family interview is blended with archival material exploring the South Asian immigrant experience.

Mr Kit's 4040 (2020)

40 minutes of original dance music made using a Casio SA-78 children's keyboard. Expect something that's raw, playful and deep.

Dialogue Suspension (2020)

A 27-minute ambient piece on a Korg Minilogue synthesiser.

This was created to suspend the listener in a state of slowness and allow easier transition into a meditative state.

Live (2019)

The first single to showcase the Swarsangum as a lead instrument. It is an Indian hybrid instrument comprised of a Tanpura and Swarmandal. It's used traditionally to accompany vocalists. Mr Kit plays it in a contemporary style.

Two gentle and serene improvisations evoke the stringed elegance and grace of the harp, sitar and koto.

Issa (2015)

Issa is a concept album released on Important records. It charts the lost years of Jesus Christ, where he traveled the silk road spending time with Hindu and Buddhist masters. An experimental modern classical journey of wondrous beauty.

"...richly orchestrated, like seeds that fall on good soil and yield thirty, sixty, even a hundred times more than what was planted." ~ A Closer Listen

Leaps (2013)

An E.P of textural pop ambient made from vinyl and cassette samples. It sounds like it's cover. Blue and warm. Distant and soft.

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