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Tune-Up Sessions

with Mr Kit

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What is it?

An in-person session where we will look at your approaches to one or two of your productions.

Using three key areas (see below) , we will examine various paths to producing which will help guide your listening instincts and expand technique.

You'll leave the session having approached your production(s) from new avenues both technical and creative. With assistance and guidance you'll navigate new routes to producing that will stay with you throughout your creative journey.

These tune-up sessions are designed as a one-off session to help with a particular production. However, if you would benefit from recurring sessions then we can explore further techniques and approaches specific to your needs.

Who is it for?

 Whether you're studying music at school, or getting into production during late nights after you've put the kids to bed. These sessions are designed for people who at the earlier stages of their love for production.

Where is it?

They take place at my home studio in Totnes, Devon.

How much is it?

£80 for a 2hr session, with a break , looking at 1-2 productions (recommended for A-level ages and beyond)

£50 for a 1hr session looking at 1 production (recommended for younger producers)

Three Key Areas


Building and Refining Instincts

Exploring different styles of listening. 

Each person listens differently. In understanding your natural listening style we can look at ways to expand and broaden those instincts and abilities.


These can be explored by, but are not limited to:

Exploring technical listening in the frequency spectrum. Important to help refine more surgical approaches to sound.

Examining how one listens through listening landscapes and sense impressions. This is integral in building good instinctive listening skills that are not reliant on technological assistance, such as EQ graphs, volume meters etc.


Key Tools

We’ll take a look at the most important tools in your arsenal to help refine how you approach and use them. Particularly EQ and Reverb.


Experimental Approaches

Exploring experimental techniques to widen your sound palette. 

Where appropriate we'll look at experimental composition techniques and ways of working with technology to enter new sound worlds 


Interested and would like to book/discuss a session?

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